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What is Science ?

What is Science

The word science is derived from the root scire (to know), which means known thing (scienta) or knowledge. The dictionary meaning of the word science is the state of being excluded from intuition and beliefs.

How to write an article introduction

Although the title and summary are at the beginning of the article, they say that experienced writers prepare them after writing the article. But you should keep in mind (if not on paper) the outline and an approximate title of the article you propose to write. You should also consider the level of readers for whom you are writing the article. Thus, you will have a basis in determining which terms and operations require definition and explanation. Otherwise, if you don't have a clear goal in front of you, you can write in more than one direction.

How to Write a Scientific Paper Abstract

The Summary can be thought of as a reduced copy of the article. The abstract should give a brief summary of each of the main parts of the article (Introduction, Content and Methods, Results, Discussion). Thus, the person who reads the abstract can easily understand whether the article has the content he needs and can use his time more efficiently. You will find short summary examples and various types in this article.

Details to be considered while writing a Scientific Article

Details writing Scientific Article

In scientific article writing, details such as citation and author list are as important as the content. When attention is paid to fine details, the possibility of the article being published in a scientific journal will be strengthened and it will strengthen the effect that it has come from a more experienced hand on the reader. The details to be considered in writing a scientific article are as follows.

Article title rules and examples

Article title rules

The title to be used for an article to be written as a result of a scientific research or for a document on the web page should both clarify the subject and contain a theme that will attract the attention of the person. A wrongly chosen title and keywords may cause the subject to be difficult to reach or even to be lost in the search result.

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