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What is Science?

The word science is derived from the root scire (to know), which means known thing (scienta) or knowledge. The dictionary meaning of the word science is the state of being outside of intuition and beliefs [1]. Science in general; It is possible to define it as a systematic body of information whose validity is accepted[2].

The definition of science is made in different ways in various sources. The primary reason for this is the constant change and renewal in science. The branch of philosophy that examines this behavior of science and the nature of science is called Epistemology. When talking about change in science, the concept of paradigm should also be mentioned.

Paradigm: Universally recognized scientific achievements. The paradigm provides sample questions and answers for researchers for a while.[3] The paradigm both sets an example for scientists and brings with it questions that need to be solved.

Science can be divided into two main parts: practical and theoretical. The application part of science is to make human life easier and increase the level of welfare. The theoretical part aims to produce rules and laws by examining the relationships and differences between facts.

There are two views in terms of scientific method.
   a-) Deduction: New propositions are produced based on propositions whose truth does not require proof. General propositions must be accepted as true by all scientific circles.

for example: All stars are bright, the sun is also bright, then the sun is a star.
             (Here the accuracy of the last proposition depends on the first proposition being true and certain)

   b-) Induction: Observation obtained through research General propositions are produced by combining the results. According to the modern scientific method, although the inductive method has a very important place in reaching the truth, this method alone is not sufficient for the result[4]

for example: The Earth is round, Venus is round,... Therefore, the planets become round.
(It becomes very important that the research conducted in this method is comprehensive because there is always the possibility of exceptional situations)

However, the development of Science It is neither a set of theoretical changes in view, nor merely a continuous chain of inventions added to each other. The two processes are complementary to each other.[5]
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