Bilimsel ArastirmaWhat is ScienceHow is scientific research done?

How is scientific research done?

Bilimsel Arastirma is Determining the problem to be solved very carefully and in detail is the first step and the most important stage of the study. The positive and negative information and scores obtained at this stage will have significant effects in the further stages of the research. [1]

During the research process, data is collected in a planned and regular manner to ensure that the solutions found to the problems are reliable. The collected data is analyzed and evaluated. Finally, reports on the subject are prepared.

Characteristics of Scientific Research:

        A. Scientific research is a process of unbiased, systematic studies covering certain stages towards problem solving.
        B. Scientific research is a systematic, tested for accuracy. and organized tries to reach new information that is not available in the literature, based on previous information.
        C. Scientific research is open to self-renewal. The determined variables must be measurable, observable, and the research must be repeated by analyzing them with other statistical methods.
        D. The basis of scientific research must be common scientific criteria. There should be no personal opinions and emotional approaches.
        E. Scientific research should be impartial and open to all criticism.
        F. In scientific research, data must be published in a certain system integrity. Research without interpretation is incomplete and incomplete.
        G. Scientific research; It must be meaningful and important for scientists and researchers.
        H. Scientific research reveals the system of relationships between natural events and phenomena. [2]

how to do scientific research

Figure 1. Scientific Research Process (Bailey, 1987)

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[2]. Yazıcıoğlu, Y., Erdoğan S. 2007. SPSS Applied Scientific Research Methods: 16.

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