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How to write a scientific article?

A scientific experiment, no matter how dazzling its results, is not complete until those results are published. In fact, the keystone of the philosophy of Science is the basic assumption that original research should be published. Only in this way does new information become reality and is called scientific knowledge by being added to the existing database. [1]

When writing scientific articles, an expression as simple as possible should be chosen. It is necessary to avoid fancy words and literary decorations. Day about writing essays in English. A. Robert stated: It should appeal not only to the author's colleagues, but also to students who are just entering the profession, to scientists studying outside their narrow subject, and especially to readers whose native language is other than English

Internationally published journals and other organizations have explained in detail the rules to be taken into consideration in the articles. Articles to be published in the native language must be prepared in accordance with the criteria announced by the relevant universities or journals. As an example, our university's Science thesis writing guide can be examined. see: Fırat University Science thesis writing guide[2]

IMRAD article preparation technique, adopted by many circles, took its foundations from Pasteur. While preparing the results of his experiments, Pasteur found it necessary to describe the experiments in great detail in order to silence the critics. Since reasonably responsible colleagues were able to repeat Pasteur's experiments, the reproducibility of experiments became a central tenet of the philosophy of science, and a discrete methods section led to the significantly structured IMRAD format. (Introduction, Methods, Results And Discussion) [3]

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