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How to do a literature review?

A researcher doing scientific research about the problem scientific research study, he should examine other articles and findings on the subject he has determined. During this review, he determines whether there is a previous study on the subject, increases his knowledge by examining other research results, and has the opportunity to make references to other research at the report stage. In addition, if he applies a subject that has already been published as an article in the same way and does not make reference to previous articles, he may be accused of plagiarism or lose his reputation. For this reason, literature review is very important for the future of research.

Quotes are not required in the following cases: [1]

  • Terms that are known to everyone and repeated by everyone.
  • Findings that have been much talked about and written about.
  • Anonymous articles in dictionary, encyclopedia, handbook information.
  • Observations and ideas without originality.
  • Works whose copyright protection has expired.
  • General information available to the public.
  • Proverbs, sayings.

In law, it is said that not knowing the law is no excuse. There is a similar rule in writing methodology: Unless it is a coincidence or done unknowingly, taking an idea in a work as an idea, even if it is not a formula, and using it exactly and not stating it is first of all unethical, and then it becomes plagiarism.[2] (this is not called quoting, quoting is already a scientific and correct behavior, its equivalent in colloquial language can be considered theft. Scientists do not use such a word)

International science indexes have been established to access previous articles and research. All past studies on the subject to be researched can be viewed collectively using the search system on the relevant web pages. The main ones are: Science Citation Index (SCI) contains all articles published in 6400 leading science and technology journals since 1956, Arts and Humanities Citation Index since 1975 and Social Sciences Citation Index contains articles published in 1700 different journals.


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